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Chandrayaan 2: ISRO publish first images of the lunar surface(illuminated)

The Indian Research Space Organisation (ISRO) published the first image(on Octomber 17, 2019) of the surface of the moon captured by the Imaging Infrared spectroscope (IIRS) payload on-board Chandrayaan2.
“See the first illuminated image of the satellite surface nonheritable by #Chandrayaan2’s IIRS payload. IIRS is meant to live daylight(sunlight) from the satellite surface in slender and contiguous spectral channels,” ISRO tweeted beside the image on its account.

NASA revealed new generation spacesuits for Project Artemis

NASA released two spacesuits that it’ll use for its Project Artemis. Designing a new generation spacesuit is one in every one of the various challenges that NASA faces in its come to the Moon, that it’s secure can happen by 2024.

The Gallery of New Moon Spacesuits on the Space Station in 2023

If NASA is ever about to send astronauts back to the moon by 2024, it’s about to want new spacesuits for satellite(lunar) exploration. however before astronauts ever don those suits on the moon, they will take a look at “walk” them on the International orbiter in 2023, in keeping with the engineer backing the program.

Light is not the fastest thing in our Universe.

Highlights: What do you expect from space? think about the Universe? think about time? What thinks measure in time? how to measure Light? One Light Year? Beyond the Think? What do you expect from space? What do you expect from space?…