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Facial recognition: Introducing the Fastest AI Technology

Facial recognition

It,s Artificial intelligence technology, “you can just imagine walking into a store where a robot welcomes you by name, lets you see that your online order is ready within a minute, and then suggests other products you might want to pick up” I know its imaginary lines but it’s you can see as soon as possible. Facial recognition software is making that possible as the technology gains traction in a range of consumer products, automobiles, retail and hotel services, also its longstanding but controversial use in security like facial recognition openCV and facial recognition windows 10.

Introducing the Fastest AI Technology

At Jan 2019,

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, exhibitors pointed to

how FR may be used to “personalize” experiences as a tool and enhance personal security and protect

FR has been on smartphones for some time, some newer uses include in care and

every entry systems in homes, offices, and after that others also with retail applications SOON and clear all FR problems.

Steve Carlin (Softbank Robotics Chief Strategy Office),

who showed CES attendees how the company Pepper robot could offer the retail customers personalized attention.

He said the AI technology above all could also be used in hotels where there also an automated system could also help to deliver a customized experience to a regular sort of clients.“They should be able to say ‘Welcome back, you don’t need to stand in line, we’ve already checked you in, and we’ve sent the key to your phone,’” Carlin said.Some of the carmakers at the CES were showing how the facial recognition could help you to improve and personalize the travel experience with the entertainment, music, and some other preferences.

Abe Chen of the Chinese based auto startups Byton said that its vehicle, set to launch later this year,

would be able to make useful recommendations which are based on facial recognition(AI).

Special Case Study

Sagar Rana: