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First drone taxi in the world | Future of drone taxi

drone taxi

It’s known as the different types of drones like a flying taxi, or pilotless helicopters, passenger drone, Volocopter…etc
You Just think this like a Relative of the helicopters. Now you can avoid traffic and its hassles completely!
The first drone taxi was introduced by the Chinese entrepreneurs it is called the Ehang (Ehang UAVs are a series of UAVs developed by the Chinese company Beijing Yi-Hang Creation Science & Technology Co., Ltd.). The drones will work on a battery which keeps the aircraft in the air for about half an hour and will run on the speed of about 100 kph. The drones will be limited to a 300 mph speed and also, it will be flying up to 100 km on a single charge.
The drone will be operated by a control room on the ground.

Drone taxi Dubai:

If you while traveling at Dubai, Just know the first city to introduce passenger drone that will carry passengers from one place to another place.
This can be one of the attractions in Dubai!
The Arabian city of Dubai and this time they have done it again and have become one of the most advanced cities in the world.
In Dubai’s drones are designed to carry a single person along with a piece of small luggage.
Dubai will envision a future of wherein you will be able to fly in drone taxi like an Uber simply book one through an app and wait for it at a nearby the station of drone taxi.
They will be offering something new, they want passengers to feel safe by equipping each flying taxi with back-up batteries and rotors, as well as a couple of parachutes.

Volocopter (drone taxi) chief Florian Reuter said…

“The current model is capable of flying based on GPS trackers, but the company plans to implement full sense capability in the future.”
If everything goes well, you could catch a drone ride in Dubai within the next five years.

Drone taxi India:

The Maharashtra government becomes the first to approve the Centre’s drone taxi policy In India.
In the 2nd high population century, Rush-hour traffic may soon become a thing of the past for a lucky few in Max City.
Mumbai is set to become the first city in India to get flying taxis with the Maharashtra government approving the drone policy unveiled in August.
Mumbai is one of the most congested cities in the world and the other in Delhi, and Bengaluru also shares the same status.

A senior state government official present at the presentation of the drone taxi policy said,
“We have submitted the report with the request that more space is given to the state government’s view on the policy, especially with respect to height, high-rises, and charging stations for these battery-operated aircraft. We have approved all other aspects, including passenger, cargo, and medical facilities of the drone service.”

Drone taxi Future:

  • These drones developers are working to overcome many challenges, including noise, small useful load, short flight times, airspace regulations, and scarce data on both safety and general operations.
  • The Future of the flying taxi, Several companies are exploring the use of Drone taxi as air-taxis and for air-ambulance services.

Video: First drone taxi in the world (Passenger Drone)

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