About Us

Welcome to TI

Who Are We

We are TI pro.

Our Mission

We are found perfections in Technology with a combination of all mini product to big product.

What We Do

We have spread the knowledge with the TECH.  

My history

I’m Sagar Rana, Founder, and CEO of Trending Information. Before I started the Trending Information I’m in 2nd year (engineering), that time I realize we can’t get proper information on Tech. Then I drop out the collage by choice and start working on TI, Now I’m working on 37 projects by perfection (i launch coming soon).

Why choose us?

We find customer satisfaction targeted contend for all the viewers.  

We have live massage bots for all viewers to connects and solve the queries.

We work on a multi project like; combo mini products merge with blogs. 

We have multi-level sponsers to create suporting content.

To support to create trend contend with long-lasting contend.

Projects Running
satisfying Viewers
Monthly Views

Would you like to start a project with us?

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